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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions and answers below should satisfy any queries you may have

This platform facilitates the practice of lending money to unrelated parties, commonly referred to as “Peers” without having to go through banks (the old way), hence the term “Peer to Peer”. Both parties benefit, the investor or lender through higher interest rates and the borrower through lower interest rates.

An “always on” connected world and the rise of the electronic payments systems, has made peer to peer lending possible.

Your investment is not guaranteed. This platform does not hold client monies. The protection of investor capital is central to what we do. We ensure all loans are secured with a first legal charge over the property or development site with collateral warranties/step in rights. This means the borrower remains the legal owner of the property but the investor has sufficient rights to enforce their security. This is great for investors as it means that if something goes wrong, the investor is protected  by the value of the physical asset. This provides peace of mind and means the investor is more likely to be repaid, but remember regardless of the charge, your capital is still placed at risk and you can lose money when you invest in property.

For Self Certified Investors ( An Investor Appropriateness test is require) the minimum investment in a single project is €10,000 there is no maximum.

For investors new to Peer to Peer Investing the maximum investment is 10% of investable assets unless the investor has received regulated financial advice in which case the restriction doesn’t apply.

Investment in our Real Estate Fund is available only to “Professional Investors” which carry a minimum investment of €100,000, there isn’t a maximum.

Any investment carries risk. We urge you to invest with caution when investing in our projects. Whilst we carry out full due diligence, we cannot guarantee things won’t go wrong.

Prior to investing please take our “Investor Appropriate Test”, if you answer any question wrong please don’t invest on our platform. The test can be completed by clicking here. Appropriateness Test

No, neither this platform or Peer to Peer lending is currently regulated in Ireland. However, regulation is one the way through the “European Crowdfunding Service Providers (ESCP) for Business”.  This platform uses the draft legislation as a guide to ensure we operate to those proposed regulations. Furthermore, the directors of this platform are finance professionals of firms regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK

We thoroughly assess both the borrower and their project. We only work with experienced developers and operators (health care). The assessment process can be summarised as follows:

  1. Initial Assessment and Desk Top Due Diligence: We request the borrower to send a suite of documents, which will include, planning permission, build costs, architects drawings, project cash flow projections, folio numbers and more.
  2. Term Sheet: If the project passes the initial assessment we  issue a term sheet outlining the terms of the loan:- interest rates, arrangement fee, and term.  When the term sheet is signed, we contact the borrower to obtain a commitment fee.
  3. Full Due Diligence: The next step is to carry out full due diligence on the borrower and project this will include independent valuation, project costing review, legal title and credit report.
  4. Completions: Once our legal and property teams are satisfied with all aspects of the project the will organise for investor funds to be placed into an escrow account for staged draw down by the borrower.
  5. Performance Monitoring: Project reviews are carried out regularly with borrowers on site  to ensure that works are being carried out as forecasted.

We do not hold investors’ money. All Investor money is held prior to draw down by our payment provider Mangopay.

Who is MangoPay? 

MangoPay is a leading online payment technology firm authorised and regulated by the CSSF in Luxembourg. MangoPay have a full E-Money issuer license and assist  with our AML (Anti-money laundering) and KYC (Know your customer) checks.

Once your MangpPay account is set up and when you make a deposit or investment, that money is held in your ring-fenced client account until the investment opportunity becomes fully funded. When an opportunity becomes fully funded, the money in your client account is transferred into the account of the borrower.

We do not charge any fees to investors. Our fees are paid by the borrower and then only when a project is successfully invested in. All legal fess, project fees are paid by the borrower.

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