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Why Invest?

Attractive Rate of Returns

When you open an account you join our secured lending platform made up of Institutional, Corporate, Private and Pension Investors.

It takes just a few minutes to open your investment account. Click on the Investor Appropriateness Test below, answer a few questions, then upload some ID and that’s it your account is opened.

Open Account & Deposit

Escrow Account

All investments made by you are equal in rank to other investors unless stated otherwise. Some projects may be backed by institutional investors who will have 1st legal charge.

Co-Invest with other Investors

Fund Option or Specific Project

Once you have invested we will provide you with regular updates on your projects which, may include site visits with our project lead.

Monitor your Investment

Regular Investment Updates

Depending on the particular project the return on your investment will either be paid on a gross roll up basis, quarterly, annually of a combination of all three.

Earn Income

Returns from 7% plus

Projects duration is from 12 months to 5 years and will pay return on invested capital of 7% plus per annum.

Investment Return

Return of Capital & Interest

Your initial capital and any outstanding return will be paid at project completion to your secure escrow account.

Return of Capital

Funds returned to your secure online wallet

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